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  • Comprehensive Diet Breakdown
  • Calculating Macros
  • Essential nutrition breakdown
  • How to build your foundation
  • Complete Anatomy Breakdown & annotation
  • Full body workout
  • Golden Rules for mass building
  • Videos for every exercise
  • Full workout tracking, weight tracking through the AFLETE APP

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About Me

When I began my bodybuilding journey I had ideal notions and goals of the physical stature i wanted, and I believed I could attain.
Like any typical young 16-year-old I’ve always wanted a strong athletic physique- “like the ones you see in magazines.” I was athletic, always active and always on the go young teen. But I’ve always been the skinny kid in any team sport (ectomorph.) Bodybuilding: I fell in love with the lifestyle the passion in the process, staying in shape, and building a supreme superhero like physique – bodybuilding was the answer. It’s a life style which I take pride in with passion. Bodybuilding is a challenging sport, you need to embrace the mental barriers and challenges it holds; which made me stronger mentally and physically. Despite all 5 years of my lifting experience, I still feel like haven’t quite obtained my full potential yet. I’m still chasing the physique I pictured myself having when this journey began. This guide will help you and assist you to through your journey building the version of yourself, avoiding the pitfalls and mistakes i made.

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